Empty Nesters Committee

Events and  Planners Needed.  If you have an idea, help is available to plan and promote. Contact Sharon Custer at 614-761-0704 or en@muirfieldvillage.org for more information

Random Events


It just happens.  Sign up by emailing Empty Nesters (en@muirfieldvillage.org) and you will receive a reply when there is a dinner impluse (or you can have the impulse and be the sender).  Just RSVP and show up.  Hurry, space may be limited.

Monthly Events

Couples Euchre Group - Meets the second Friday of each month.  If interested, contact Jackie Miller at jacqmill@aol.com

Ladies Evening Mah Jongg group meets the second Thursday of the month. If interested in being a sub, contact Rebecca Hutchings at 614-659-0815 or rhutchings@columbus.rr.com.

Men's Lunch Bunch - Meets the first Friday of the month - Contact Don Miller at mlunch@muirfieldvillage.org

Ladies Luncheon - Meets the fourth Tuesday of the month - Contact Linda Hupp at lhupp@columbus.rr.com



About the MVCA

The Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA) is a voluntary organization comprised of Muirfield Residents.  The Associations purpose is to provide opportunities for Muirfield residents to enjoy social, educational and chartable activities with their Muirfield neighbors.  The MVCA is separate from and does not receive financial assistance from the Homeowners Association.  We depend on Muirfield residents like you to sustain our community activities.

The Articles of Incorporation of the Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA) were approved by the Ohio Secretary of State in August 1990.  The Articles state that the purpose of the MVCA  is to promote the general welfare of the residents of Muirfield Village.  

In 1994 Muirfield residents Peggy Pace, Maggie Weston and Elizabeth Williamson organized a cocktail party inviting many couples who had stated they were interested in forming an  Empty Nesters group.   The Empty Nester’s became very active.   Other group activities were organized, including  card clubs, dinner club, golf, tennis, etc, etc.  The Empty Nesters have grown from the original group of ~ 12 to 15 couples, to over 100 couples today.  

Several years later, the Empty Nesters encouraged the younger families to form the Family activities group, which they did.  They started the Easter Egg Hunt, family days at the pool, Valentine and Christmas parties for all the young families. 

The MVCA has worked to provide activities to all age groups and through the Civic Action Committee been an advocate for all Muirfield residents by working with a variety of governmental, education, utility and private entities.

About the MVCA Activities

Social - Family - Charity - Action Groups

Family Activities Committee

This committee creates new and exciting events for the Muirfield  Families.  It coordinates events such as Brunch with Santa", the "Annual Easter Egg Hunt", and "Movies Under the Stars" at the Glick Road pool.  Email fa@muirfieldvillage.org for more information. 

Civic Action Committee

This group of about 15 residents works with City and other officials to advocate on issues of importance to Muirfield residents.  The CAC discusses local developments, like the placement of a water tower, the need for bike lanes and paths, proposed development of vacant land in and adjacent to Muirfield – all with the interest of keeping Muirfield the excellent community it is.  This sometimes involves organizing a coalition with neighboring HOAs.  During election years the CAC analyzes the impact of proposed tax increases and provides that to residents, and in contested local elections the CAC addresses candidates with questions of interest to homeowners here.  The group established The Muirfield List, a recommended vendor list for household services, free for MVCA members, and updates it annually.  Among its most notable accomplishments was working with American Electric Power to secure $14 million in upgrades to the electrical infrastructure delivering power to our residences. 

You are welcome to join this group advocating for Muirfield with City of Dublin officials, developers, utilities and others who can affect our community.  The group meets one evening every other month.  Email cac@muirfieldvillage.org for meeting dates, additional information or to ask a question.

Welcome to the Muirfield Village Civic Association website - The definitive source of information about events, activities, and all other benefits of being a member of the MVCA.

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